CAST — Rebrand

CAST is The Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies at Caltech. It’s a place where scientists, students, and researchers from Caltech and JPL come together to define a new vision for researching autonomous systems from basic science to creating applications. CAST represents the next generation of science. It is where brilliant individuals come together to propel the field into the future. It is the brink of scientific and therefore societal progress. In the CAST logo, each small square represents an autonomous agent. The mark reflects the collective nature of the scientific community. The modular system is flexible and dynamic, allowing opportunities for interaction.

This is an interactive typing system to represent the concept of "Autonomous." The user can type any kind of message by the keyboard input and all the agent immediately creates the typography. The system also has the function like "Delete", "Space", "Break", "Input History", etc... All of the code is written by myself from scratch.